Sandy Point Island beach restoration, NL (Photo by NCC)

Sandy Point Island beach restoration, NL (Photo by NCC)

Sign up! NCC’s 2017 volunteer opportunities in Newfoundland and Labrador

Nature Conservancy of Canada Conservation Volunteers event in western Newfoundland and Labrador (Photo by NCC)

Nature Conservancy of Canada Conservation Volunteers event in western Newfoundland and Labrador (Photo by NCC)

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) staff in Newfoundland are excited to gear up for another season of Conservation Volunteers (CV) events! Here are our favourite and most memorable events from last year:

In May, at the Crabbes River Poplar Planting CV event on the Van Horne property, NCC staff and volunteers planted 200 balsam poplar cuttings along the Crabbes River to help prevent erosion and restore a vegetation buffer. Over the course of the day, 75 trees were planted within a 25 m x 20 m cordoned-off plot along the river.

In June, nine volunteers met with NCC staff early one morning to wander along the Salmonier River for the Salmonier Bird Expert Survey. Over 30 different types of bird species, including the threatened olive-sided flycatcher and the red crossbill, were observed over the course of the day. The day was very successful, not only in identifying an abundance of bird species, but in creating a positive and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Finally, in August, NCC staff and volunteers got together for the much anticipated third-annual Sandy Point Beach Sweep. A total of 18 volunteers worked together tirelessly to collect marine debris and inland litter on Sandy Point. In total, about 114 kilograms of garbage was removed from the island, including plastic, nets, rope and tires.

Conservation Volunteer event, The Grand Codroy Estuary, Newfoundland and Labrador (Photo by NCC)

Here's a list of upcoming Conservation Volunteers events:

May 6: Codroy Valley Riverside Restoration

Where? Codroy Valley (Upper Ferry)

Description: Plant balsam poplar or white spruce trees between agricultural field and the Grand Codroy River.

Target audience: Physically fit volunteers capable of the repeated bending needed in planting.

Number of participants: 15

July 8: Codroy Valley Bioblitz 

Where? Codroy Valley

Description: Take inventory of as much biodiversity as possible on NCC's newest Codroy property.

Target audience: Naturalists, local community members.

Number of participants: 20

July 15: Annual Sandy Point Beach Sweep

Where? Sandy Point properties (or nearby)

Description: Clear washed-up garbage and marine debris from beaches of Sandy Point Island.

Target audience: Able-bodied volunteers capable of manual labour, local community members, people interested in the history of Sandy Point.

Number of participants: 20

To enrol in Conservation Volunteers or learn more about upcoming opportunities, please call NCC in St John’s at 709-753-5540.

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