Conservation Volunteers group on Hirtles Beach, NS (Photo by NCC)

Conservation Volunteers group on Hirtles Beach, NS (Photo by NCC)

Stories From the Field

  • Bird watching at Sandy Point, Newfoundland and Labrador (Photo by Aiden Mahoney)
    Atlantic Region launches its roster of 2016 Conservation Volunteers events

    Come lend a hand! The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Conservation Volunteers program engages people in conserving biodiversity, while providing a meaningful and educational experience in ecologically significant natural areas.
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  • Snowshoeing in Pugwash, NS (Photo by NCC)
    Join NCC for a snowshoe adventure

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada's Nova Scotia team invites you to join us for a winter snowshoe outing in Pugwash.
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  • Bowers Meadow Wilderness Area, Nova Scotia (Photo by NCC)
    If you used water to brush your teeth this morning...

    World Wetlands Day is celebrated every February 2.
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  • Large rocks in a saltwater marsh. (Photo by NCC)
    The case of the dark-haired people in the saltwater marsh

    One hot field day in August, my fellow field mate Megan and I fought our way through a never-ending thicket of alders and thistles to find ourselves on the edge of a saltwater marsh.
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  • Lee Pominville, NCC intern, between two red maples with blue felt lichen (Photo by NCC)
    A close encounter with blue felt lichen

    I’ll start this by saying that I am not a lichenologist, so that when I tell you that one of the most exciting experiences that I had this summer was discovering a new occurrence of blue felt lichen, you’ll understand where I am coming from.
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  • Colourful fungi found in Pugwash Estuary Nature Reserve, NS (Photo by Doug van Hemessen/NCC)
    Enter the colourful world of microcosms

    A damp day at the Pugwash Estuary Nature Reserve in the waning stretch of our field season. Searching the ground for seedlings of unwanted, invasive glossy buckthorn. Colourful microcosms form a chaotic mosaic underfoot. A jumble of colour, form and texture.
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