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Discover Cockburn Island, Lake Huron's last large wilderness island.

Part of the Manitoulin Island Archipelago – the largest fresh water archipelago in the world – Cockburn Island sits at the heart of some of the most popular and beautiful coastal landscapes in Ontario. One of the top ten most important islands of the Great Lakes, this undiscovered island hideaway teems with wildlife – not tourists.

Since 2012, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has led an international effort to protect Cockburn Island. To date, NCC has conserved over 60% of the island. Now, we have an opportunity to take this project to the next level by protecting an additional 1,400 acres (567 hectares) – the very heart of the island. In 20 years, a project of this scale will be unimaginable. We have the chance to conserve a remarkable piece of Lake Huron's wilds before it's too late.

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