Point Abino Woods, ON (Photo by NCC)

Point Abino Woods, ON (Photo by NCC)

TD Forests: Point Abino Woods

Point Abino Woods, ON (Photo by NCC)

Point Abino Woods, ON (Photo by NCC)

In the Niagara region of Ontario, along the north shore of Lake Erie, the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) conservation of a partially forested, 30-acre (12-hectare) property at Point Abino Woods secures a future for the rare birds, reptiles and amphibians known to inhabit this highly significant natural area.

Ecological Significance

Located within the Carolinian Life Zone, Point Abino Woods is a small yet highly significant hotspot of natural diversity located on the north shore of Lake Erie in the Niagara region. The shoreline has become increasingly threatened by development encroachment from both the east and west. The land in this area is largely in private ownership and much of the adjacent area has been developed for seasonal recreation. The remaining natural area consists of a highly diverse mixture of mature woodland, beach and dunes, wetland, scrubland, and globally rare alvar.

Forest for the birds

Point Abino Woods is a priority area for forest birds. The high quality habitat along the north shore of Lake Erie is particularly important for migrating birds to rest and feed. Rare birds documented in the area include red-headed woodpecker, cerulean warbler, Acadian flycatcher, and hooded warbler. Point Abino is also known for its reptiles with rare turtles such as Blanding’s turtle observed here as well as milksnake and eastern hog-nosed snake. 

Big picture

NCC’s long-term goal for the Point Abino area is to create a large and connected area of conservation lands to protect the diverse habitats and rare species in this small but highly significant natural area. While most of the land is privately owned, several properties at Point Abino have been secured by NCC and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority over the last few years. The conservation of this new property is an important step in achieving the larger goal of landscape-level conservation.

What’s in store

The Point Abino Woods property is comprised of 13 acres (five hectares) of mature Carolinian woodland and 17 acres (seven hectares) of semi-retired farmland. NCC will restore the farmland to forest while maintaining and enhancing the existing woodland for species at risk, with an emphasis on rare forest birds. 

The previously farmed area will be planted with a variety of native tree species resulting in an enlarged forest area. Early in the restoration process, the planted field will provide meadow habitat which, over the years, will grow into a diverse and rich woodland. 

Supporters of the project

Point Abino Woods has been conserved by NCC thanks to the generous support of the TD Bank Group through the TD Forests Program, and the Government of Canada through the Habitat Stewardship Program.

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