Great blue heron, Rock Lake,  Frontenac Arch, ON (Photo by NCC)

Great blue heron, Rock Lake, Frontenac Arch, ON (Photo by NCC)

Corporate partners

The Ontario Region is pleased to recognize our growing list of "Made in Ontario" partners that represent Ontario's socially conscious business community. These companies are ready to support real, effective and accountable conservation in their home province.

  • Autodesk Canada, Co.
  • Bruce Power
  • Canadian School Book Exchange
  • Carl Hills Horticultural Services
  • CGOV Asset Management
  • Charles F. Fell Charitable Trust
  • CIBC Mellon Global Securities Services Company
  • Cogeco Cable Inc.
  • Copernicus Educational Products
  • Dispenser Amenities Inc.
  • Dr. Bastianon Medicine Professional Corporation
  • Form and Build Management Inc.
  • Home Trust
  • Huron Timber Company
  • IBM Canada Ltd.
  • Interwide Investments Limited
  • Lerners LLP
  • LGL Limited
  • Long Point Company
  • Magpie Jewellery
  • Manitoulin Transport
  • Oakley & Oakley Professional Corporation
  • Ontario Power Generation Inc.
  • SC Johnson and Son, Limited
  • The Pennorth Beach Corporation
  • The Samuel Group of Companies

Find out how your company can support conservation in Ontario.

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