Prince Edward Island

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has been protecting natural areas on Prince Edward Island since 1978, when we worked with partners to secure 247 acres (100 hectares) in Blooming Point, Queens County, 25 kilometres from Charlottetown. Almost 90 per cent of the land on PEI is privately owned so NCC has focused on private action, encouraging people to play a role in saving ecologically important species. NCC has engaged individuals and groups in 26 different projects, working together to conserve 4,939 acres (1,998 hectares) on PEI.

Stories from the Field

Dan Kraus

Dan Kraus

Why Canada matters on World Wetlands Day — Dan Kraus

Dan Kraus, a conservation scientist with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, talks about the importance of Canada's wetlands, including those on Prince Edward Island Continue Reading »

Julie Vasseur (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Julie Vasseur (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Nature Conservancy of Canada’s PEI director wins provincial award

The Island Nature Trust has awarded its annual Honourable J Angus MacLean Natural Areas Award to the Nature Conservancy of Canada and its PEI Program Director, Julie Vasseur. Continue Reading »

From Our Blog

Julie Vasseur (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Women in conservation: Julie Vasseur

March 23, 2017

In honour of International Women’s Day (March 8), we’re celebrating eight female conservationists at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) who are working to create a stronger future for Canada’s landscapes. Julie... Continue Reading »

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