Grass on the shore of Boughton Island, PEI (Photo by NCC)

Grass on the shore of Boughton Island, PEI (Photo by NCC)

Stories From the Field

  • Bird watching at Sandy Point, Newfoundland and Labrador (Photo by Aiden Mahoney)
    Atlantic Region launches its roster of 2016 Conservation Volunteers events

    Come lend a hand! The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Conservation Volunteers program engages people in conserving biodiversity, while providing a meaningful and educational experience in ecologically significant natural areas.
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  • Percival River, Prince Edward Island (Photo by NCC)
    When brushing your teeth...

    World Wetlands Day is on February 2.
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  • Volunteer planting marram grass at a CV event in PEI (Photo by Mike Dembeck)
    Beach, dunes and water

    A look at efforts by the Nature Conservancy of Canada this summer on Prince Edward Island to fix and restore key grasses for sand dunes and clean coastal shorelines.
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  • Julie Vassuer enjoying the view of Murray Harbour from her kayak (Photo by NCC)
    Great Conservation Volunteers event held in Murray Harbour

    The last Conservation Volunteers event in Prince Edward Island of 2015 attracted 38 volunteers, staff and conservation partners to Murray Harbour. This event, held for the second year, was very successful. Volunteers spent the day outside alongside friends, family and in some cases, coworkers, to give back to nature as they helped clean debris from the protected islands.
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  • Plants from Great Marram Grass Plug Plant CV event on PEI (Photo by Mike Dembeck)
    Repairing and Protecting Iconic Dunes

    An enthusiastic group of nearly 30 people comes out to plant thousands of grass plugs on the sand dunes of St Peter's Harbour, Prince Edward Island.
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  • Julie Vasseur presentation in PEI school (Photo by NCC)
    Nature Conservancy of Canada in the community

    April 22 is a marquee event for many people, families, employers and communities. It is Earth Day, when nature enthusiasts reflect on our planet, help make a difference or simply enjoy the day. Educators often take this opportunity to speak with school students about the importance of different wildlife and habitats in the natural world.
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