Covey Hill, a salamander sanctuary (Photo by NCC)

Covey Hill, a salamander sanctuary (Photo by NCC)


  • Pink lady's-slipper, Covey Hill (Photo by NCC)
    Covey Hill: A symbol of our natural heritage

    Covey Hill is a true jewel of nature, complete with idyllic landscapes, clear streams, beautiful woods and charming orchards and vineyards.
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  • Small Tea Field (photo by Mark Tomalty)
    Small and Large Tea Fields

    The Small and Large Tea Fields are among the last great peatlands of the Montérégie region.
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  • Spiny softshell turtle (Photo by NCC)
    Spiny softshell turtle habitat conservation

    In Quebec’s Lake Champlain, NCC is part of a multi-partner team that has been using radio telemetry to understand the habitat needs of threatened spiny softshell turtles since 1998.
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  • Bog fern (Photo by F. Villeneuve)
    Tourbière-de-Venise-Ouest Nature Reserve: A site to explore and protect

    In 2011, Tourbière de Venise-Ouest (peatland), located on land owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), was established as a nature reserve. Covering an area of 563 acres (228 hectares), it straddles the municipalities of Venise-en-Québec and Saint-Georges-de-Clarenceville.
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