Ottawa Valley (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Ottawa Valley (Photo by Mike Dembeck)


  • Kenauk, Quebec (Photo by Mike Dembeck)
    Kenauk - Saumon (Kinonge) river valley, Montebello: Perspectives on a natural historical treasure

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and Kenauk Nature have been working together since 2013 to conserve the large, historic territory of Kenauk, located halfway between Ottawa and Montreal.
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  • Wetland and forest protected by NCC in Bristol, Quebec (Photo by NCC)
    Protection of wetlands and forests in the lowlands of Bristol and Clarendon

    Since 2004, NCC has invested greatly in the conservation of two priority areas in the Ottawa Valley. These protected areas shelter vast wetlands, forests and shorelines that are in a remarkably natural state, including the most beautiful alvars in Quebec.
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  • Butternut (Photo by NCC)
    Top 10 secrets of Kenauk (Seigneurie Papineau) unveiled!

    To uncover the property’s secrets, the Nature Conservancy of Canada conducted detailed inventories in collaboration with botanists, zoologists and ecologists. After two years of research, Kenauk’s greatest secrets are coming to light.
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  • Blanding's Turtle (Photo by NCC)
    Blanding’s turtle in the Ottawa Valley

    Recently, teams were deployed in the field to attempt to spot or confirm the presence of Blanding’s turtles in areas of the Outaouais that had not yet been surveyed.
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