Blanding’s turtle (Photo by Simon Pelletier)

Blanding’s turtle (Photo by Simon Pelletier)

The Nature Conservancy of Canada launches the Carapace Project to help save Quebec’s turtles!

May 25, 2017


In anticipation of the turtle egg-laying period that begins in June, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is launching the website, calling on people to report turtle sightings throughout Quebec. This will help identify sites in need of conservation action.

Turtles in Quebec are vulnerable

It’s not unusual to see turtles leave the relative safety of wetlands to travel on land. During their active season, from May to October, turtles are on the move to search for food, find a new habitat, look for a mate or lay eggs. Unfortunately, traveling on land and crossing roads has its share of risk for turtles because it makes them vulnerable to collisions or disturbance.

In fact, turtles may take up to 25 years before reproducing, and the survival rate of eggs is naturally very low (only around 2 eggs out of 100 become adult turtles). As a result, the deaths of adult turtles due to human activity in their habitat can have serious consequences on a population. For example, a scientific study has shown that an annual fatality rate of over 5 per cent in the case of wood turtles and Blanding’s turtles could lead to a decline in population. That is why the Carapace team needs help from the general population. NCC is asking everyone to be particularly watchful beginning in June when female turtles begin travelling to lay their eggs. Help ensure the health of our turtle populations in Quebec!

The Carapace Project: putting technology to work for turtles!

NCC, with help from its partners, is launching an interactive platform for reporting turtle sightings throughout Quebec: This easy-to-use tool is for public use and is intended to collect information on road fatality hot spots for turtles, including identifying zones where they can potentially be hit by cars. 

The valuable data collected will enable NCC and its partners to take appropriate conservation measures to ensure the survival of these species and the protection of their habitats. Thank you for helping to protect turtles!


NCC wishes to thank the financial partners who contributed to building the Carapace platform: the Équipe de rétablissement des tortues du Québec, the Fondation de la faune du Québec and the ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs du Québec.


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