Bromont (photo by NCC)

Bromont (photo by NCC)

Nature Conservancy of Canada commits to help community to protect 150 hectares of natural environment on Mont Brome

November 26, 2016
Bromont, QC


We will need funding to make it happen!

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is delighted with the conservation-oriented agreement reached by the Town of Bromont and Bromont, montagne d’expérience.

The organization commits to take steps to secure, between now and February 2018, the entire southern side of Mont Brome at Bromont.

These 370 acres (150 hectares) adjacent to the Bromont ski resort include Mt. Spruce, Mt. Bernard, and the Val 8 area, as well as the trails between them.

If acquired, the site will remain accessible to users at all times. Regular meetings will be held with the community, users, and the town over the next months to coordinate the fundraising necessary and identify the steps required to achieve this nature park.

“The Nature Conservancy of Canada is grateful for the town of Bromont’s financial contribution, as well as for the delay that Bromont, montagne d’expérience is granting us in order to gather the funds required to secure the property. As our objective is to ensure this territory is protected in perpetuity, NCC will work with the entire community to meet the conditions required to realize this project,” said Joël Bonin, director of philanthropy and major projects for the Nature Conservancy of Canada in the Quebec Region.

The main conditions are to obtain the funding necessary for securement and to agree with the town of Bromont on a management plan for the future nature park.

If the conditions are not met by February 2018, Bromont, montagne d’expérience will go forward with its real estate development project.

NCC is counting on close collaboration with its partners in the region: Protégeons Bromont, la Société de conservation du Mont Brome, Appalachian Corridor, les Amis des sentiers de Bromont. Regular meetings will be held with these stakeholders and the town to coordinate funding and develop a trail management plan.

“Thanks to numerous generous donors, Protégeons Bromont has already successfully raised half a million dollars. We will make every effort necessary to achieve our new target, which will be $1 million. We look forward to engaging the larger Bromont community over the coming year”, stated Bertrand Lussier, president of Protégons Bromont.

A site within the Montéregie Hills to be protected

Mont Brome is part of the Montérégie Hills, a geological formation unique in the world. There are protected areas on most of the Montérégie Hills, such as Mount Royal, Mt. Saint-Bruno, Mt. Saint-Hilaire, Mt. Shefford, and Mt. Rougemont.

This project would give Mont Brome a significant level of protection.

Securing these 370 acres (150 hectares) would enable important conservation actions. From a landscape perspective, securing the site would protect a significant portion of the southern slope of Mont Brome.

Also, in terms of biodiversity, the site encompasses natural areas of high interest for conservation.

Many kilometres of trails

The future natural park would bring together a network of over 32 km of trails, around half of which would be subject to easement during three seasons of the year on the property of Bromont, montagne d’expérience.

Accessibility would be well-developed, attractive, and safe, with minimal impact on the natural environment, like what was achieved with the lac Gale conservation project, carried out a few years ago by NCC and the Town of Bromont.

Some more sensitive areas requiring greater protection will only be accessible for supervised activities, such as university research, educational field trips for schools, and nature exploration outings by the community and organized clubs (e.g. birdwatching, mycologist, and botanist clubs).

“We are pleased to have NCC’s collaboration in ensuring that the trails meet users’ needs while respecting the most sensitive natural areas,” said Michel Matteau, president of Amis des sentiers de Bromont.

“This extensive territory is adjacent to 16 hectares of land that is protected by the Société de conservation du Mont Brome on the south side of the Bromont massif. We will be happy to lend our support to this ambitious conservation project,” said Claudette Duclos, president of the Société de conservation du Mont Brome.

“Appalachian Corridor was so keen to protect this site. We are very happy and relieved at the outcome reached by the town and developer. As demonstrated by the widespread attention and mobilization surrounding the future of this property, the incalculable ecological value of the natural environments on these lands merited such an agreement. It is a great day and an extraordinary, even unprecedented, action taken by a town to conserve its natural environments. We offer our heartfelt congratulations to all parties involved and thank all the actors who have been working, as early as 2013, to help protect this site. The Nature Conservancy of Canada can count on our full collaboration on this project,” said Mélanie Lelièvre, executive director of Appalachian Corridor.

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