Peregrine falcon (Photo by CRTM)
Peregrine falcon (Photo by CRTM)

A renewed partnership: Nature Conservancy of Canada, Le Nichoir and the town of Hudson

November 20, 2012
Hudson, QC


The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is pleased to announce the donation of a part of its lands in Hudson to the town, therefore contributing to the enhancement of Le Nichoir Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre.

In 1991 and 2002, the Nature Conservancy of Canada received two generous donations of about 20 hectares of lands in the town of Hudson from Mss. Amy Evelyn Clarke and Margaret Rhymas Clarke to be dedicated to conservation. In 2003, NCC established the Clarke-Syndenham Nature Reserve here.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has always maintained a public access to this site and the Town of Hudson has been and remains an important partner in conservation by helping taking care of the property. Le Nichoir has been a key feature on this property with its mandate to rehabilitate wild birds and release them back to their natural habitat.

The donation of one hectare, where Le Nichoir is located, to the Town of Hudson represents a contribution of the Nature Conservancy of Canada to support the Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre’s operations.

“The Nature Conservancy of Canada is pleased to continue its partnership with the Town of Hudson and at the same time, support Le Nichoir’s mission”, says Nathalie Zinger, Vice-President of Nature Conservancy of Canada in Quebec.

“The continued activities and the construction of the new avian conservation centre by Le Nichoir respect Miss Clarke’s wishes for the ultimate use of this property,” said Frank Royle, her long time Legal Mandatary and now Liquidator of her Estate.

The town will continue to support Le Nichoir in its wild bird’s protection activities. A 99 year lease has been signed with the organization to continue, without any fees, its long-term protection mission for our natural heritage.

“Thousands of people come to Hudson each year to visit Le Nichoir and the town is pleased to help ensure that the organization continues to operate from its present location at the entrance to the Clarke-Syndenham Nature Reserve” says Hudson's Mayor Michael Elliott.

With the signing of this long-term lease, the future of Le Nichoir is assured and the organization is taking a big step forward towards its project to build a new Wild Bird Conservation Centre that will allow for improved bird care and expanded public education programs. Le Nichoir staff and volunteers have been caring for a growing number of injured and orphaned wild birds from an unheated 175 year old barn since 1996.

“With over 1,400 wild birds admitted annually the barn has outgrown its capacity” says the Centre’s Director Susan Wylie. “We are extremely grateful to the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Town of Hudson who have made it possible for Le Nichoir to continue to offer its services to the public from this wonderful location”. Le Nichoir’s annual fundraising campaign is well underway and a generous benefactor has offered to match each donation with an equal donation to the New Centre Building Fund.

About the Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is the nation’s leading not-for-profit, private land conservation organization, working to protect our most important natural areas and the plants and animals they sustain. Since 1962, NCC and its partners have helped to protect more than 1.1 million hectares, coast to coast, including more than 26,500 hectares in Quebec. Through strong partnerships, NCC works to safeguard our natural areas so that our children and grandchildren will have the chance to enjoy them. The organization works closely with landowners, private and public organizations, other conservation groups, local communities and governments.

About le Nichoir

Le Nichoir Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre was founded in 1994 as a non-profit organization and is located in Hudson, Quebec. Le Nichoir is dedicated to the ethical care and treatment of injured and orphaned wild birds and releasing them back to their natural habitat. The centre is recognized as the largest of its kind across Canada for songbirds and is respected for its strict adherence to the Wildlife Rehabilitators Code of Ethics. In addition free advice and information about wild bird conservation are provided through tours of the Centre, telephone support, public events and publications. Le Nichoir is a licensed centre, part of a community of North American rehabilitators, supported by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC).

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