Pointe-Saint-Pierre (Photo by NCC)

Pointe-Saint-Pierre (Photo by NCC)

This Place Matters

December 15, 2015
Gaspé, PQ


Nature Conservancy of Canada rushing to save historically and culturally significant LeGros house on Point St. Peter

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is launching a fundraising campaign entitled This Place Matters. The goal is to restore the LeGros house, a heritage building erected in the 19th century by Jerseyans who came to the Gaspé Peninsula to take up the cod trade.

Located about 40 kilometres east of the Town of Gaspé, both this ancestral home and its unique natural surroundings on Point St. Peter have been protected by NCC since 2007.

A valuable historical legacy at risk

The Nature Conservancy of Canada intends to restore the LeGros house’s prestige by preserving and enhancing it for the community’s benefit.

Eventually, NCC would like this house to be available to anyone wishing to visit or make use of it for special occasions (weddings, conferences, work meetings, courses, etc.). The vision is to see LeGros house’s multifunctional role combine nature, history and culture. It would also allow the local community, as well as tourists, to reacquaint and benefit from this Jerseyan heritage in Point St. Peter.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada must raise $15,000 by the end of January 2016 to begin crucial restoration work. Major repairs are needed to stabilize the house as the structure is subsiding. As time passes, there is an increasing risk of damage to the floors, windows and mouldings. Click here to contribute to restoring the LeGros house using the platform THIS PLACE MATTERS.

The LeGros house is a genuine symbol of Gaspé history. Inside, everything is still in its place as if the family had left in a matter of moments.

 “Before we can share this hidden treasure with the community, we have to be able to act quickly to preserve all the heritage features that make this house so unique,” said Camille Bolduc, project manager for the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

The LeGros house and Point Saint-Pierre

The LeGros house has architectural features typical of the Victorian era on the Jersey Island. Its grand central staircase and antique furniture are just a few reminders of its unmatched historical charm and of the importance of safeguarding it for the benefit of the Gaspé Peninsula’s cultural heritage.

Point St. Peter, where the LeGros house is located, is known for its spectacular views onto the Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island, its typical coastal forest and its varied wildlife, including several species at risk. It is also designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA), as it represents an essential habitat for several charming and gregarious birds.

Point St. Peter’s Jerseyan heritage

In the 18th century, Point St. Peter was rediscovered by sailors from the island of Jersey, who saw a good business opportunity for the rapidly expanding cod-fishing trade. Within a few decades, hundreds of Jerseyans had immigrated to the Gaspé Peninsula to take advantage of this industry, which was active among other places in Point St. Peter. More than 300 people lived there around 1860, including the Legros family.


The Nature Conservancy of Canada is a Quebec leader when it comes to protecting natural environments on private land, as well as the animals and plants they sustain. Since 1962, this charitable organization has protected more than 2.4 million acres (1 million hectares) of exceptional areas across the country, of which 96,800 acres (39,200 hectares) are in Quebec. It is by protecting and managing these natural environments that they can be used and enjoyed today and for future generations. To learn more, visit www.natureconservancy.ca.

THIS PLACE MATTERS and the National Trust for Canada
The National Trust for Canada is a national charity that inspires and leads action to save places that matter. Its sites, projects and programs enhance community and quality of life and inspire Canadians to protect, renew and celebrate historic places for present and future generations. The National Trust is pleased to have the RBC Foundation as its Founding Partner for THIS PLACE MATTERS. RBC’s generous support made the build and launch of THIS PLACE MATTERS possible – helping communities save and renew places that matter. https://thisplacematters.ca/about/

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