Basking platforms fot turtles in the Rivière aux Brochets, Missisquoi Bay, QC (Photo by NCC)

Basking platforms fot turtles in the Rivière aux Brochets, Missisquoi Bay, QC (Photo by NCC)

Six reasons to attend the Festival de la tortue Mikinak in Pike River

Mikinak Festival (Photo by NCC)

Mikinak Festival (Photo by NCC)

Mikinak means “turtle” in Algonquin, a perfectly fitting name for this free festival in Pike River, Montérégie, that celebrates turtles, and in particular the spiny softshell turtle.
Here are six reasons not to miss this year’s fourth edition of the event.

1.    Learn about the spiny softshell turtle, the festival’s emblem. This threatened species, with its soft shell and long, tapered nose, can be found in only a few places in Quebec and Ontario. Its distribution in Quebec is now limited to Missisquoi Bay and Rivière aux Brochets in the south of the province.

2.    Meet us! The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) will have a booth on-site where you can ask our biologist questions. She can also tell you about conservation projects underway in the region, and share the latest news on the Carapace project.
3.    Get involved in protecting the spiny softshell turtle. Find out how to join a team of volunteers working on the recovery of this threatened species, allowing you to play a role in protecting Quebec’s biodiversity.

4.    Participate in spiny softshell turtle releases live with biologists from Granby Zoo, and watch the rescued turtles as they set out on their way back home. Since 2010, Granby Zoo has been running a program to monitor egg laying and assist with artificial incubation to give this threatened species its best possible chance.

5.    Enjoy the family activities on offer: educational tours, the (fake) turtle race, face-painting and a magician.

6.    Learn about biodiversity in Quebec from the many exhibitors: NCC, Granby Zoo, Protection de la Faune, Eco-Nature, the Organisme de bassin versant de Brome-Missisquoi (Brome-Missisquoi Watershed Organization), and many others.

Festival Mikinak in Pike River
Saturday, August 24, 2019

Free entry
For more details, visit the event website (in French only).

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