Fort William, QC (Photo by Claude Duchaîne)

Fort William, QC (Photo by Claude Duchaîne)

Stories From the Field

  • Lac Saint-Pierre, St. Lawrence River, Quebec (Photo by NCC)
    Distinguished advocates join NCC's campaign to conserve habitat along the Saint Lawrence River

    In order to raise awareness throughout the province of the importance of conservation along the St. Lawrence River, NCC will soon be launching a program aimed at protecting exceptional natural habitats along with a large-scale fundraising campaign.
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  • Shrew (Photo from Flickr)
    Snow: A great winter ally

    To adapt to Quebec’s harsh winter conditions, plants and animals undergo considerable metamorphosis. For many species, snow becomes an important ally. This transition in the seaons represents a great opportunity to discover little-known aspects of species living on NCC’s properties.
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  • Common loons (Photo by Richard Gregson)
    Our summer field trips: A source of wonder and learning

    Last summer, the Nature Conservancy of Canada organized a series of field trips throughout Quebec.
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  • Green Mountains Nature Reserve, Quebec (Photo by NCC)
    A fall trek out to the Green Mountains Nature Reserve in the Eastern Townships

    On October 8, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and Google set out to capture the spectacular scenes and sights of the Green Mountains Nature Reserve in the Town of Sutton in panoramic images for an off-road experience on Google Street View.
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  • Blanding's Turtle (Photo by NCC)
    The Blanding’s turtle in the Ottawa Valley

    Recently, teams were deployed in the field to attempt to spot or confirm the presence of Blanding’s turtles in areas of the Outaouais that had not been surveyed to date.
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  • Kenauk, QC (Photo by Mike Dembeck)
    Insects inventory in the Outaouais

    The identification of insects dwelling in the mapletops and a map of vernal ponds are new projects on the Kenauk territory
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