Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation area (Photo by Alan Dyer)

Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation area (Photo by Alan Dyer)

Stories From the Field

  • Harvey Littlechief painted the endangered piping plover for the mural project. (Photo by NCC)
    Indigenous artist leads mural project that teaches about species at risk

    “The first thing they will ask is ‘what is it,’ and then you begin to tell the story,” says artist Michael Lonechild on teaching children.
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  • NCC President and CEO John Lounds views NCC nature sites in virtual reality with the Honourable Ralph Goodale. (Photo by Mark Taylor)
    Nature lovers escape Canadian winter in an NCC art gallery nature set-up

    The week-long celebration of NCC’s newest securement was a combination of museum, art, and nature.
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  • Jazzmin Bigsky maps the natural environment around her school. (Photo by NCC)
    Students learn about conservation careers and caring for nature

    Carol Crowe wants to see conservation that bridges the world of western science and traditional indigenous knowledge.
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  • Former NCC board member Ann Phillips has been recognized for her work in philanthropy. (Photo by NCC)
    Former NCC board member nominated for Outstanding Philanthropist of the Year

    Ann Phillips knows the importance of conserving natural landscapes in Saskatchewan.
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  • Aidan Thompson (left) and Bevanne Cote (right) use telemetric equipment to track a hidden moose collar. (Photo by NCC)
    Students learn the importance of tracking moose

    Educators hope to inspire students to care more about the environment.
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  • Sharon Butala and her husband Peter donated Old Man on His Back ranch to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
    Sharon Butala reflects on donating Old Man on His Back 20 years ago

    Sharon Butala talks about what it meant to her to see Old Man on His Back in the care of NCC for 20 years, and how a freak weather event at the anniversary celebrations left her exhilarated.
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