To celebrate Canada 150, KPMG has made a multi-year commitment to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to support land conservation efforts in Ontario. As part of this commitment, a dedicated team of KPMG employees will join NCC field staff for the second annual KPMG tree planting event this coming fall.

“I am excited to hear that KPMG and NCC will be working together in our community. One of my fond memories of KPMG, after 32 years with the firm, was the opportunity to meet and work with so many great KPMG people on community leadership initiatives and activities. KPMG is truly a leader when it comes to community and I hear this often in my post KPMG life. NCC is also a community leader when it comes to the conservation and stewardship of environmentally sensitive lands and that is why I personally became involved. Canada has some of the last wilderness frontiers in the world something we should cherish and protect for our children and the generations to come” ~ Doug Varty, retired KPMG partner and NCC Ontario Regional board member.

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