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ModernAdvisor is Canada's first online financial advisor to offer socially responsible investment options. Through a partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), ModernAdvisor is increasing their clients' impact by investing a portion of the management fees from socially responsible portfolios into conservation across Canada.

Socially responsible investing is an investment discipline that considers environmental, social and corporate governance criteria (ESG) to drive long-term social impact as well as competitive financial results. ModernAdvisor’s socially responsible portfolios exclude investments in businesses such as weapons manufacturers and companies involved in the production and distribution of tobacco products. The pool or remaining possible investments are rated on their environmental, social and corporate governance practices, and must maintain a minimum rating in each category to be included.

"Most socially responsible investment funds available today, including the ones we use in our portfolios, follow an exclusion criteria. In other words, they exclude investments in companies whose practices hurt the environment or the societies they do business in. We wanted to go beyond the exclusion criteria and give ModernAdvisor's clients the means to make an active positive impact on the most important issue facing our generation — the environment. As Canada’s leading non-profit, private land conservation organization, the Nature Conservancy of Canada was highly recommended by clients who invest in our socially responsible portfolios. Our due diligence and conversations with NCC’s staff highlighted the organization’s passion and contributions towards protecting the environment. We couldn’t be prouder to support the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s efforts in leaving a better planet for future generations.”
– Navid Boostani, CEO ModernAdvisor.

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