Roots has partnered with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to celebrate International Beaver Day.

International Beaver Day recognizes the crucial role that beavers play in the Canadian ecosystem. To celebrate this emblematic animal and Roots beloved logo, Roots is launching a limited-edition Roots x NCC T-shirt collection. One-hundred per cent of profits will be donated to NCC to help support wildlife habitat conservation.

Beaver ponds provide habitat for wildlife, improve water quality and can help to reduce the impacts of climate change. Once near extinction, the beaver is now one of Canada’s most triumphant conservation success stories due to the introduction of conservation laws to conserve wildlife and the establishment of Canada’s first protected areas, such as Algonquin Provincial Park, the birthplace of Roots.

Designed and made in Canada, the T-shirt collection features images of a beaver, grizzly bear and common loon, originally created for roots in the 1980s by famed Canadian artist Heather Cooper. A long-time friend of Roots, Heather is a nature-inspired artist who is well-known for her intricate paintings of the natural world.

The T-shirt collection will be available starting on International Beaver Day, April 7, until Earth Day, April 22. Supporters can purchase these T-shirts in select Roots stores across Canada and online at

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