Conservation intern Brendan Such in the field (Photo by NCC)

Conservation intern Brendan Such in the field (Photo by NCC)

Intern Profiles

Meet a few of our 2017 conservation interns. These internship positions were generously sponsored by Imperial.

  • Jessica Eaton (Photo courtesy Jessica Eaton)
    Jessica Eaton

    "Through my internship with NCC I will have the opportunity to work throughout the Bow Region, visiting properties while conducting conservation monitoring. It feels like such a privilege to get to explore these beautiful areas, and I am thrilled it is a regular part of my job."
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  • Lisa Greaves (Photo courtesy Lisa Greaves)
    Lisa Greaves

    I will be visiting several of our properties in both the east and the west (within Manitoba) for baseline inventories and stewardship implementation actions.
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  • Ashley Rankin (Photo courtesy Ashley Rankin)
    Ashley Rankin

    As a returning intern, I am eager to build on the work we accomplished during the 2016 Conservation Volunteers season, and get out to even more NCC properties.
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  • Camille-Marier-Desroches (Photo courtesy Camille Marier-Desroches)
    Camille Marier-Desroches

    I will be visiting proprieties owned by NCC and easements for annual visits, which will allow me to see exceptional ecosystems and natural areas.
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  • Christine Kuntzmann (Photo courtesy Christine Kuntzmann)
    Christine Kuntzemann

    The Bunchberry Meadows project is a huge undertaking for NCC in the northwest region of Alberta. I consider myself to be lucky in that I have the opportunity to help out with the final steps of preparation before it’s officially opened to the public. It’s quite a large area and very close to the city – I’m sure its diversity in habitats throughout its natural walking paths will make it a big hit with the public.
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  • Leigh Gustafson (Photo by Sean Landsman)
    Leigh Gustafson

    "It is always thrilling when we go out to properties and bushwhack through old-growth Acadian forest stands or hunt for piping plovers along red sand beaches. PEI may be small, but it is home to a diverse range of habitats. Each property brings a novel experience to explore."
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  • Courtney McDonald (Photo courtesy Courtney McDonald)
    Courtney McDonald

    "New Brunswick has an array of unique habitats that are rich in biological diversity, which I will be lucky enough to encounter during my internship this summer with the Nature Conservancy of Canada. New Brunswick has an abundance of striking wilderness havens in terms of esthetic beauty and species diversity, which I will get to enjoy on a personal level by conducting ecosystem classification and trail system mapping. "
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  • Kristen Glass (Photo courtesy Kristen Glass)
    Kristen Glass

    "Any day spent surrounded by trees or water is a good day in my books, but my favourite task is to monitor for species at risk on NCC properties. Sometimes environmental news is discouraging, but when we find species like gray ratsnake, Blanding’s turtles or cerulean warblers on our properties, it definitely feels like we’re on the right track with our conservation efforts. "
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  • Amber Lammers (Photo courtesy Amber Lammers)
    Amber-Lynne Lammers

    "This is my first position outside of southwestern Ontario, and I love the opportunity to explore a new Ontario landscape. Any day in the field is a great day but conducting surveys for the rare species will be a highlight."
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  • Millie Kuyer (Photo courtesy NCC)
    Millie Kuyer

    "As a summer intern in the BC Region, I will have the opportunity to visit many diverse properties across the province. I will be travelling from coastal temperate rainforests to sand dune beach ecosystems throughout the desert-like open grasslands and sagebrush meadows of BC’s interior."
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