Conservation intern Brendan Such in the field (Photo by NCC)

Conservation intern Brendan Such in the field (Photo by NCC)

Intern Profiles

From conservation and science, to communications and public engagement, meet a few of our Conservation Interns working across the country.

  • Matthew Anstey (Courtesy of Matthew Anstey)

    Matthew Anstey

  • Meredith Baldwin (Courtesy of Meredith Baldwin)

    Meredith Baldwin

  • Michael Bedford (Courtesy of Michael Bedford)

    Michael Bedford

  • Ally Belanger (Courtesy of Ally Belanger)

    Ally Belanger

  • Amelia Bonenfant (Courtesy of Amelia Bonenfant)

    Amelia Bonenfant

  • Georges Étienne Charette (Courtesy of Georges Étienne Charette)

    Georges Étienne Charette

  • Cameron Curran (Photo by NCC)

    Cameron Curran

  • Janie Dambremont (Courtesy of Janie Dambremont)

    Janie Dambremont

  • Stéphanie Drouin-L'Hérault (Courtesy of Stéphanie Drouin-L'Hérault)

    Stéphanie Drouin-L'Hérault

  • Matt Durnnian (Courtesy of Matt Durnnian)

    Matt Durnnian

  • Cassia Foley (Courtesy of Cassia Foley)

    Cassia Foley

  • Mitch Gardiner (Courtesy of Mitch Gardiner)

    Mitch Gardiner

  • Matthew Goertz, former conservation intern for NCC's Ontario Region (Photo courtesy of Matthew Goertz)

    Matthew Goertz

  • Ryan Hill (Courtesy of Ryan Hill)

    Ryan Hill

  • Isaiah Huska (Courtesy of Isaiah Huska)

    Isaiah Huska

  • Éloïse Le Stum-Boivin (Courtesy of Éloïse Le Stum-Boivin)

    Éloïse Le Stum-Boivin

  • Savannah LeBlanc (Courtesy of Savannah LeBlanc)

    Savannah LeBlanc

  • Michael Linennen (Courtesy of Michael Linennen)

    Michael Linennen

  • Gretta Lumsden (Courtesy of Gretta Lumsden)

    Gretta Lumsden

  • Haley MacDonald (Courtesy of Haley MacDonald)

    Haley MacDonald

  • Kaylie McGraw (Courtesy of Kaylie McGraw)

    Kaylie McGraw

  • Stephanie Murray (Courtesy of Stephanie Murray)

    Stephanie Murray

  • Aidan O'Brien (Courtesy of Aidan O'Brien)

    Aidan O'Brien

  • Brielle Reidlinger (Courtesy of Brielle Reidlinger)

    Brielle Reidlinger

  • Isabelle René (Courtesy of Isabelle René)

    Isabelle René

  • Cheryl Reyes (Courtesy of Cheryl Reyes)

    Cheryl Reyes

  • Yanny Ritchot (Courtesy of Yanny Ritchot)

    Yanny Ritchot

  • Veshani Sewlall (Photo by Ryan Solana)

    Veshani Sewlall

  • Émilie Seyer-Lamontagne (Courtesy of Émilie Seyer-Lamontagne)

    Émilie Seyer-Lamontagne

  • Benjamin Shannon (Courtesy of Benjamin Shannon)

    Benjamin Shannon

  • Rebecca Sharp (Courtesy of Rebecca Sharp)

    Rebecca Sharp

  • Maggie Stevenson (Courtesy of Maggie Stevenson)

    Maggie Stevenson

  • Liam Stewart (Courtesy of Liam Stewart)

    Liam Stewart

  • Jonathan Velarde (Courtesy of Jonathan Velarde)

    Jonathan Velarde

  • Lily Vuong (Courtesy of Lily Vuong)

    Lily Vuong

  • Solene Williams (Courtesy of Solene Williams)

    Solene Williams

  • Evan Young (Courtesy of Evan Young)

    Evan Young

Supporter Spotlight

Atlantic puffins (Photo by Bill Caulfield-Browne)