My Wildlife World Cup matchup: Semi-Finals

Wildlife World Cup semi finals (made by NCC)

Wildlife World Cup semi finals (made by NCC)

July 11, 2014 | by Carys Richards

After an intense month of voting, the Wildlife World Cup semi-finals will now commence!

Thanks to everybody that voted for their favourite reptiles and butterflies.

The winners of birds and mammals will compete for a spot in the championship, while the winners of reptiles and butterflies face off for a chance at the title.

The semi-final matchups are:

Bird vs mammal
Reptile vs butterfly

Burrowing Owl (Photo by Tony Hisgett)  vs  Bobcat (Photo by Wayne Dumbleton)


Wood Turtle (Photo by Colin Osborn, USFWS) vs  Karner Blue (Photo by Hollingsworth, J & K)

(click on images above to see player cards)

Voting will last until Monday, July 14, and the final round will begin on Tuesday, July 15. The champion will be announced on Friday, July 18.

Check out the updated bracket below and keep voting for your favourite species!

Wildlife World Cup semi-finals bracket (made by NCC)

Carys Richards (Photo courtesy of Carys Richards)

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