September roundup: Conservation and nature stories from around the world that caught our eye this month

Bobolink (Photo by Bill Hubick)

Bobolink (Photo by Bill Hubick)

September 28, 2018 | by Adam Hunter

Hay delay

In an effort to protect grassland bird species, including the threatened bobolink, some PEI farmers postponed their first cut of hay this past summer.

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Nightingales could disappear into the night

The nightingale, a bird whose numbers have dropped significantly in the United Kingdom, could be going extinct in Hampshire County.

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Silent but deadly

Scientists are racing to find a fungus that killed off most of the Netherlands’ fire salamander population, before the fungus reaches the United States, a country inhabited by several salamander species.

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A sweet donation

On September 5, the Nature Conservancy of Canada announced the protection of a large sugar maple forest in central Nova Scotia.

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The ugly beluga

A pod of belugas appears to have adopted a lost narwhal in the St. Lawrence River as one of their own.

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Miraculous mussels

A boat owner recently came across saltwater marine mussels attached to his boat while in a freshwater lake in BC.

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Bye-bye birdies

Within the last few decades, an estimated eight bird species have become extinct around the world.

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A great success

Researchers have tagged a great white shark off the coast of southwest Nova Scotia, a first in Atlantic Canada waters.

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Resilient reefs

Some coral reefs continue to prosper in the face of several threats.

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A superior purchase

On September 14, the Nature Conservancy of Canada announced its largest conservation project on Lake Superior’s north shore.

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