My Wildlife World Cup matchup: Week 4

Week 4: karner blue versus West Virginia white

Week 4: karner blue versus West Virginia white

July 8, 2014 | by Carys Richards

Week Four of the Wildlife World Cup features a new category: this week, the Karner blue battle the West Virginia white in the Butterfly Campaign.

Check out our updated bracket below.

Voting for both the Clash of the Reptiles (week three) and the Butterfly Campaign (week four) will last until Thursday afternoon (July 10).

Vote for your favourite butterfly:
The results of both matchups will be announced on Friday, when the contestants for the semi-finals are revealed.

Learn more about this week's contenders by checking out the player cards below, and visit Week Three to keep voting for your favourite reptile.


Wildlife World Cup Week 4 bracket (made by NCC)


Wildlife World Cup karner blue card (made by NCC)

Wildlife World Cup West Virginia white card (made by NCC)

Carys Richards (Photo courtesy of Carys Richards)

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