Dana Blouin

Dana Blouin (Photo courtesy of Dana Blouin)

Dana Blouin is the former manager of science and conservation support for the Nature Conservancy of Canada's (NCC's) Alberta Region (2002-2015). Dana was responsible for the coordination of conservation planning for the Alberta Region. In her role, she defined priorities for conservation and setting the actions for achieving those priorities. 

Dana is a transplanted Albertan, having grown up and lived in rural Manitoba for most of her life. Her love of nature and the outdoors prompted her decision to attend the University of Manitoba to take the environmental science co-op program specializing in applied ecology, graduating in 1998. Dana has done a little bit of everything in her career, including watching sharp-tailed grouse dance at dawn, wading through ponds to inventory invertebrates, being a weather technician in the Canadian Arctic, building relationships with Alberta’s ranchers and setting the groundwork for effective conservation. 

Dana is a professional biologist and started with the Nature Conservancy of Canada in May of 2002. She lives in Lethbridge with her husband and two children.