Jeremy Bensette

Jeremy Bensette at the Tip of Point Pelee National Park

Jeremy Bensette is a diehard naturalist, birder, wildlife photographer and conservationist from Essex County, one of the most biodiverse and ecologically sensitive regions in Canada.

He is one of few year-round resident birders within the Point Pelee area, Canada’s number one bird watching locale, and he spends much time exploring Ontario’s wetlands and their breeding birds and amphibians through employment with Bird Studies Canada’s Marsh Monitoring Program. Aside from his work, Jeremy commits much time and energy to volunteer conservation projects both personally and with various communities, and is interested in plants, insects, herps and mammals about as much as he is into birds!

Jeremy holds Ontario’s birding Big Year record as of 2017, is a proud member of the Vortex Optics Field Team, is an active member of the Ontario Field Ornithologists and sits on the board of directors for the Essex County Field Naturalists’ Club. He is also a birding and wildlife tour guide, and carries a psychology degree just in case!