Julie Sveinson Pelc

Julie Sveinson Pelc, Manager of Stewardship Programs MB (Photo by H Sveinson)

Julie Sveinson Pelc joined the Nature Conservation of Canada (NCC) as manager of stewardship programs for the Manitoba Region in January 2009. Julie is responsible for undertaking the lead role for Region-wide stewardship activities, including:

  • invasive species control
  • prescribed fire
  • restoration
  • baseline inventories
  • monitoring
  • property-level conservation management planning on NCC projects in Manitoba   

With a BSc in botany and an MSc in restoration ecology from the University of Manitoba and more than 10 years of experience working in the field, Julie has a developed a great interest and understanding of natural area conservation and management in southern Manitoba. She has experience working with community-based non-profit stewardship groups to plan, fundraise, implement and manage prairie, forest and waterway restoration projects in their local communities while working for the City of Winnipeg’s Naturalist Services Branch. She is a past coordinator and founding member of the Invasive Species Council of Manitoba and represents NCC on the board of directors. She is also the President of the Manitoba Association of Plant Biologists.