The Friday Five: Conservation and nature stories from around the world that caught our eye this week

Common lionfish (Photo by Michael Gäbler, Wikimedia Commons)

Common lionfish (Photo by Michael Gäbler, Wikimedia Commons)

May 22, 2020 | by Wendy Ho

Each week, countless inspiring and informative stories are published about conservation successes or discoveries in nature and wildlife around the world. Here are some of the conservation and nature stories that caught our attention the week of May 18, 2020:

On guard for invasive species

To raise awareness during National Invasive Species Week, biologists are encouraging the public to report sightings of invasive species through iNaturaist.

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Whale heritage

Researchers from 11 countries collaborated to compared DNA samples from right whales. The study sheds light on whale migration and where conservation efforts are most impactful.

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Hunger Games: fish edition

After a decade of heavy selection pressure by invasive lionfish in Bahamian reefs, scientists ponder whether native fishes have evolved to be more wary of the invasive predators.

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Tapping the gaming community for conservation

An augmented reality game called Wildverse allows players to meaningfully contribute to wildlife conservation.

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Home sweet home

Scientists used CT scanning and 3-D printing and modelling to recreate complex animal shelters to pinpoint animals’ preferences in home selection.

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