Technicians survey tree in the field (Photo by NCC)

Technicians survey tree in the field (Photo by NCC)

Featured research

Featured research stories are from Land Lines, the Nature Conservancy of Canada blog.

  • Common loons moult their feathers, starting at the base of their bills, before autumn migration in September. (Photo by Robert Alvo)

    Sudbury lakes are becoming less acidic

    Robert Alvo summarizes his findings of over 25 years of examining the effects of lake acidification on common loon breeding success in the...
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  • Dr. Sophie Steinhagen collecting seaweeds (Photo courtesy of Dr. Sophie Steinhagen)

    Multi-talented organisms: How seaweeds can affect our daily lives

    Seaweeds provide hope for a more sustainable future, with healthier food, renewable energy and fewer plastics.
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  • Joe Poissant's (a.k.a. Batman's) office in the country (Photo by NCC)

    If you’re Batman then I must be Robin, right?

    This summer I spent a couple of nights trying my best to help the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) contract biologist, Joe Poissant,...
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  • MAPS station at Big Valley property, SK (Photo by NCC)

    Science is for the birds

    What is a MAPS station? How does bird banding work? Learn more about the importance of bird banding stations and how the information gathered...
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  • Documenting roadkill helps me investigate the interactions between wildlife and roads in the Chignecto Isthmus (Photo by NCC)

    Understanding how roads affect wildlife in the Chignecto Isthmus

    No one likes the sight of dead animals on the road, but few are aware of the more serious implications that roads have on wildlife habitat...
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  • I paddled hundreds of kilometres searching for loons and their nests. (Photo by Kent Prior)

    Long live loons and their research

    In the 1970s, North Americans were already concerned about the effects of human activity on the common loon. For over 30 years now, Rob Alvo...
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  • L-R: Shannon, Robin and Dave (Photo courtesy of BCIT students)

    The Swishwash Island bioblitz

    Three students from BCIT's fish, wildlife and recreation program report back on their final project, which was conducted on NCC's Swishwash...
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  • East bank of Centre Creek overrun by dense Himalayan blackberry (Photo by Lynn Pinnell)

    Himalayan blackberry and English holly and Japanese knotweed…oh my!

    Lynn Pinnell reports back from her independent research project on the occurrences of invasive species at NCC's Centre Creek property in...
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