Technicians survey tree in the field (Photo by NCC)

Technicians survey tree in the field (Photo by NCC)

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Featured research stories are from Land Lines, the Nature Conservancy of Canada blog.

  • An example of a classic spring. Tufa spring, Fort Ellice, MB (Photo by NCC)

    Manitoba's mystery stonefly

    Everyone enjoys a good mystery, even entomologists. During the early years of teaching a course in aquatic entomology at the University of...
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  • Excited to be in the field (Photo by Lynn Pinnell)

    Getting my feet wet with field work (literally)

    As university students, we learn the theory behind conservation and read journal articles about the findings of studies that took place out in...
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  • Bumble bee foraging on red clover (Photo by Amanda Liczner)

    Buzzing down the house: Determining the habitat for declining bumble bees

    Bumble bees are important pollinators of crop plants and wild plants. Unfortunately, bumble bee species are declining globally. These declines...
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  • Big brown bat (Photo by Brock Fenton)

    Identifying bats by their distinctive voices

    Having studied bats for more than a decade, I have been fortunate to be able talk to students in their classrooms while doing bat...
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  • Poweshiek skipperling (Photo by Jaimee Dupont/NCC staff)

    Poweshiek winter wonderland

    Forget about crocuses and birds — the first sure sign of spring on the prairies is when the insects start to fly around. Have you ever...
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  • The summer-blooming showy goldenrod, being visited by a bee fly, was less abundant than the spring-blooming flowers. (Photo by Diana Robson)

    What a difference a year makes

    Learn how collecting data over longer periods of time benefits conservation.
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  • Hope, the gray ratsnake (Photo by NCC)

    Hope, the gray ratsnake

    Kayla writes of tracking down a gray ratsnake, resulting in her observation of one for the first time in the wild.
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  • Students from John Norquay Public School, Nature Days Vancouver (Photo by HSBC Bank Canada)

    Nature through the eyes of young Canadians

    Researcher and assistant professor at the University of British Columbia, Catherine Broom discusses her findings around the importance of...
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