Darkwoods, BC (Photo by Bruce Kirkby)

Darkwoods, BC (Photo by Bruce Kirkby)

Natural Areas Conservation Program

Launched in 2007, the Natural Areas Conservation Program (NACP) partnership accelerated the pace of private land conservation across southern Canada.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) administered the program, securing ecologically significant lands — including forests, grasslands and wetlands — with the participation of Ducks Unlimited Canada and other land trusts. The program has been successful because it brings Canadians together. 

Partnership Program Map

Partnership Program Map

An investment in nature

Investments from the Government of Canada have been matched 2:1 in contributions of donated land and funding from provincial governments, the private sector and Canadians at large.

By spring 2019, the partnership had achieved nearly $1 billion in conservation outcomes including habitat for 210 COSEWIC assessed species at Risk.* 

* Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada

For more information, read the Natural Areas Conservation Program 2018-2019 impact report »

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