Big Trout Bay, ON (Photo by Costal Productions)

Big Trout Bay, ON (Photo by Costal Productions)


The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) Landmark Campaign is accelerating conservation across Canada. With your help, we will protect 1.3 million hectares (more than 3.2 million acres), including 500 new land conservation projects and 10 large-scale signature projects. This will bring NCC’s total lands conserved, as a result of your help, to 2.4 million hectares (6 million acres).

Large, intact natural areas are home to Canada’s most valuable ecosystems. These spaces are key to our quality of life.

Canada’s forests, grasslands, wetlands and coastal areas absorb carbon dioxide, provide buffers for flooding, purify water and help mitigate other effects of climate change. These places also offer us the opportunity to explore, be active and recharge our minds and our hearts — outdoors.

Many of us feel closest to Canada when we are out in nature. And yet, Canada’s natural landscapes are facing serious threats.

We must do more, faster

Habitat loss and fragmentation, invasive species and climate change are threatening the existence of essential Canadian landscapes and advancing the decline of native species.

We need to do more. We need to accelerate the pace of conservation, to stop and reverse the damage.

NCC aims to conserve Canada’s key natural areas for their intrinsic value: for their irreplaceable habitats and the species that rely on them, for the ecological benefits they provide all Canadians and for the deep connections each of us has to the Earth, its air and its water.

The time is now. And we can’t do it without you.

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