Endangered grasslands, SK (Photo by Jason Bantle)

Endangered grasslands, SK (Photo by Jason Bantle)


One of the goals of the Landmark Campaign is to inspire future generations to build on our legacy and lead more conservation efforts in communities across the country. The campaign aims to invest in the next generation of conservation professionals, including more than doubling the size of its Conservation Internship Program.

Inspiring tomorrow’s conservation leaders

Protecting Canada’s natural spaces and wildlife needs the collective effort of all of us — young and old.

Conservation intern Megan McGlynn is the daughter of ranchers near Pincher Creek, Alberta. She’s working to monitor the use of land purchased by NCC. She has seen first-hand how conversations can lead to collaborations that literally change the landscape. “Being a local rancher, I really appreciate how NCC works so closely with other local ranchers and helps maintain working landscapes,” she says. “I don’t think people know what a good land steward NCC is.”

Cassia Foley is a summer conservation planning intern with plans to study climate change as a master’s student at McGill University. She traces her love of the natural world to her childhood home beside a lake, and the changes she watched as land was swallowed up to development. She appreciates the speed at which NCC responds to threats. “The work here is very fast and effective and actually conserving land. NCC takes the science of what we know is happening and does something about it.”

Supporting the Landmark Campaign will support the leaders of tomorrow. As a donor and supporter of NCC, you can help ignite the passion of Canada’s youth in carrying on NCC’s work.

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