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Hear from the conservationists that craft all of NCC's unique Conservation Volunteers events.

  • Volunteers clearing broom on James Island, BC (Photo by NCC)
    Celebrating the 2010s: a decade of Conservation Volunteers

    Looking back on the past decade of Conservation Volunteers at the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
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  • American avocet (Photo by C. Artuso)
    Shorebird Conservation

    Explore what NCC is doing for shorebird conservation in partnership with Bird Studies Canada, Manitoba Important Bird Area Program, Souris River Watershed District, and Environment and Climate Change Canada
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  • Conservation Volunteers event, the Happy Valley Forest, Ontario (Photo by NCC)
    Taking time to celebrate our success and say thank you

    Thanks to your support over the years, NCC has been able to do great things for conservation. So let's celebrate our past success, as we look forward, with hope, to meeting each other out in nature again.
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  • The team at île du Moine, Quebec (Photo by NCC)
    Nesting boxes: Encouraging the return of a threatened species

    Summer wouldn’t be the same without the twittering and warbling of barn swallows. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is currently working on reintroducing the species by building and erecting nesting boxes on its île du Moine property in Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel, on Lac Saint-Pierre.
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  • Moose browsing in Freshwater Bay, captured on trailcam (NCC photo)
    Thank you, Freshwater Bay bioblitzers!

    In July, 22 dedicated volunteers joined NCC staff for our first-ever “bioblitz” at Freshwater Bay. We had a great day in the field, identifying the bird, plant, lichen, and mammal species on the 98-hectare (243-acre) future nature reserve, located along the East Coast Trail.
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  • Lanna Campbell and volunteer John Nyren clean up Murray Harbour nature reserves (photo credit: Stephen DesRoches)
    Thank you, Murray Harbour volunteers!

    In August 2019, volunteers from NCC and INT travelled to the island nature reserves in Murray Harbour, PEI, to sweep them clean of plastics and marine garbage.
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  • Two bee hotels decorated by conservation volunteers (Photo by NCC)
    Hotels with a lot of buzz

    NCC staff and volunteers build bee hotels for solitary native bees to nest.
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  • Volunteers at île Bouchard, QC (Photo by NCC)
    Planting for the monarch’s future, one flower at a time

    This fall, the monarch butterfly, an emblematic insect of North American, will begin its journey to Mexico, one of the most important migratory phenomena in the animal kingdom.
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