Gary oak habitat (Photo by Tim Ennis)

Gary oak habitat (Photo by Tim Ennis)

Donor Spotlight

  • Matyas Henn (Photo by NCC)
    Matyas Henn: protecting where the animals live

    You’re never too young to protect nature. Take Matyas Henn, age 4, who recently donated all of his pocket money to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).

  • Jim Irving (Photo courtesy Jim Irving)
    J. D. Irving, Limited

    NCC is grateful to Jim and JDI for their ongoing support of NCC’s work under the Landmark Campaign.

  • Hal Kvisle (Photo courtesy of Hal Kvisle)
    Hal Kvisle

    Hal Kvisle has nature in his blood. As the son of a biologist and dedicated conservationist, Hal grew up hiking and canoeing in the southern Alberta foothills and Red Deer River Conservation Region.

  • Photo by Boréal
    Q&A with Christian and Jean-Sébastien Lajoie, co-owners of Boréal

    Recently, we had the chance to talk with two young entrepreneurs, Christian and Jean-Sébastien Lajoie. These bold cousins decided to pursue their uncle’s work by becoming co-owners of a “mattresses inspired by nature” workshop.

  • The Mickelson family (Photo by Taylor Roades)
    The Mickelson Family

    The Mickelson family came together to celebrate the late Bob Mickelson’s life as well as create a legacy that would commemorate the family’s presence in the Roblin community for more than a century.

  • Gladys Murphy and her late husband Fergus, NCC Donors
    Gladys Murphy

    Gladys Murphy, NCC Donor

  • L-R: John Patten, Robert Patten, Susan Patten, Allan Patten (Photo courtesy of the Patten family)
    Patten Family Foundation

    The Patten Family has been a generous NCC supporter for the last decade, first through their company, A. Harvey & Company Limited, and now through the Patten Family Foundation.

  • Ann Phillips (Photo courtesy of Ann Phillips)
    Ann Phillips

    When Ann Phillips joined NCC’s Saskatchewan Regional Board, she knew it wasn’t enough to give of her time and expertise.

  • Ann Phillips (Photo courtesy of Ann Phillips)
    Ann Phillips

    NCC donor

  • Patrick Pichette (Photo courtesy of Patrick Pichette)
    Patrick Pichette

    Patrick and three other Canadian families became the proud owners of 20,234 hectares (50,000 acres) encompassing more than 60 lakes midway between Ottawa and Montreal. What’s more, he and his partners donated the funds that enabled NCC to acquire an adjoining 6,000-hectare (15,000-acre) corridor.

  • Nathalie Pratte (Photo by Mark Tomalty)
    Nathalie Pratte

    Nathalie Pratte was just three years old the first time she dipped her lure into the waters of Papineau Lake in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. That moment, shared with her father, started a lifelong family tradition.

  • Cathy Rand (Photo courtesy of Cathy Rand)
    Cathy Rand

    Having spent her career working in the public health field, Cathy Rand knows about the deep connection between a healthy environment and healthy people.

  • Raif Richardson and his sons (Photo courtesy of Raif Richardson)
    Richardson Foundation

    The Richardson Foundation was established in 1957, with environmental support serving as a pillar of its mandate. The foundation’s partnership with NCC has spanned almost 20 years, including the Landmark Campaign.

  • John Risley (Photo by Denis Duquette)
    John Risley

    John has continued to support a number of NCC projects over the years. He’s also a dedicated volunteer, having already helped raise funds as part of the Landmark, A Force for Nature and Natural Masterpieces campaigns.

  • Anne Robertson (Photo by Rose-Marie Burke)
    Anne Robertson

    It's good to get people out there connecting with nature.

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