Photo by Brent Calver

Photo by Brent Calver

Big Backyard BioBlitz

Join our cross-country nature event!

It’s a unique way to give back to your community and the nature that surrounds us.

Love any excuse to be outside? Looking for another? Need some more “me” time, or a new activity for the kids? Then join the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Big Backyard BioBlitz. From city parks to remote campsites, you can participate from anywhere, at any time.

During last year’s event, participants young and old, new and experienced, recorded more than 35,000 nature observations and made more than 4,200 unique species observations.

Photo by Shutterstock

By participating in the Big Backyard BioBlitz, you'll be helping grow your community's natural inventory. It doesn't take much.

Grab your smartphone, tablet or camera

Grab your smartphone, tablet or camera

Search for plants, animals, and fungi

Search for plants, animals, and fungi

Snap photos and share!

Snap photos and share!

Every observation counts! Together, we’ll document species so that conservationists may one day use this information to target conservation locations for species at risk or to combat the spread of invasive ones. Bioblitzes have even led to the documentation of rare or endangered species. What will our collective effort achieve?

Beaver, Photo by Brent Calver

Sign up today! You'll receive easy-to-follow instructions on how to submit your photos to the group effort and learning resources including photography tips.

Whether you're new to bioblitzes or a seasoned bioblitzer, you'll be surprised at what you discover.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's do this!

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