Jessie Klassen

Jessie Klassen

Jessie Klassen

Author of "The Sapling"

Jessie Klassen spends her days close to nature on her family farm, now in its fourth generation.

Born from a long line of nature lovers and those who tend the land and animals, she shares the insights, experiences and lessons she’s learned from farming and family on her website

Jessie is also a Reiki Master and enjoys teaching nature communication/connection with others, for a healthy and balanced life.

Her recently published children’s book The Sapling honours the lessons from the trees. It also includes nature-based mindfulness and energy exercises for health and well-being. A portion of proceeds goes toward the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Jessie and her husband, Mike, are raising their three children, Summer, Shep and Huckleberry, on their farm near Glenella, Manitoba, alongside Jessie’s parents and siblings.

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