Kevin Lamoureux

Kevin Lamoureux

Kevin Lamoureux

Associate Vice President, Indigenous Affairs

University of Winnipeg

Kevin Lamoureux is a dedicated teacher who is strengthening the University of Winnipeg’s mission to reach out to non-traditional students and provide more pathways into post-secondary education. As a gifted and engaged instructor with the Faculty of Education’s ACCESS program, Kevin has developed expertise in groundbreaking mentorship and inclusion programs as well as governance models within Aboriginal education. ACCESS provides an opportunity for students from Winnipeg’s inner-city with non-traditional academic backgrounds to become teachers, through academic supports, counselling services, cultural teachings and a warm supportive environment.

Kevin is heavily invested in the Manitoba school system and has become a well-known professional development speaker for school divisions, government agencies and community groups. He recently authored Inclusion in Partnership with the Winnipeg School Division and École River Heights School, which offer a guide for teachers looking to include Aboriginal perspectives into their classrooms. He was the lead author of Mentoring in a Canadian Context (2008), which is based on the belief that all children deserve to be engaged, challenged and supported, and that teachers can play a vital role in preventing youth from falling through the cracks. His expertise in building school climates where Aboriginal students and all non-traditional students will be successful is sought after in numerous keynote speaking engagements.

Kevin recently won the International Centre for Innovation in Education's Young Scholar Award in Ulm, Germany, as well as the University of New England's award for outstanding academic achievement in graduate studies. He is currently pursuing his PhD at the University of New England.

Kevin is nurturing a new generation of teachers who will create classrooms where all students can enjoy success, including troubled children and youth and Aboriginal students. Just as importantly, he is helping to shape a vision for Aboriginal education within the Univeristy of Winnipeg’s Faculty of Education.

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