NatureTalks 2020 webinar speaker

NatureTalks 2020 webinar speaker

Laura Burns

Research Conservation Specialist

Laura Burns leads the Assiniboine Park Zoo's captive rearing and release program for the endangered Poweshiek skipperling butterfly in Winnipeg. Since 2018, the zoo team has been releasing Poweshiek adults back into the wild at NCC’s Tall Grass Prairie Preserve, and in 2020 they successfully bred the butterfly in human care for the first time. Laura obtained her M.Sc. from the University of Guelph, and prior to joining the conservation team at the zoo in 2017, she worked on field conservation research programs across Canada on a wide range of animal taxa.

Social media handles:


@assiniboineparkzoo (Instagram and Facebook)
@assiniboinezoo (Twitter)


@lauradburns (Instagram)

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