Marie-Michèle Rousseau-Clair

Marie-Michèle Rousseau-Clair

Marie-Michèle Rousseau-Clair

Stewardship Compliance Manager

Nature Conservancy of Caanda

Marie-Michele Rousseau-Clair has a B Sc. in biology, a M Sc. in land planning and project management, and a Major in business and sustainable development. In her nine years at NCC, Marie-Michele has held various roles both at the local, regional and national scale, including conservation planner, securement officer, stewardship program manager, and fundraiser.

In her current function, Marie-Michele oversees NCC's stewardship policies and practices. She has developed extensive expertise in enhancing best conservation practices and processes in Canada. Marie-Michele also has wide experience providing internal and external training on conservation tools, such as Conservation Agreements.

She lives in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, and has a real passion for outdoors, cooking and farming.

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