NatureTalks 2020 webinar speaker

NatureTalks 2020 webinar speaker

Sarah Warner

Environmental Contaminants Specialist

Sarah Warner works for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Minnesota/Wisconsin Ecological Services Field Office. She is located in the Madison Wisconsin sub-office. Sarah works on a number of priority initiatives for the conservation of threatened and endangered species. She coordinates science that supports goals for species conservation and leads teams to implement recovery actions. In her role as an environmental contaminants specialist, Sarah provides technical assistance that is used to analyze the exposure and/or risk of contaminants to threatened and endangered species and develops risk minimization strategies. Sarah currently helps to coordinate the International Poweshiek Skippering Partnership and serves as a co-chair for the Science Support Team and Steering Committee.

In her off-work hours, Sarah enjoys time with family and being outdoors camping, hiking and exploring the many natural areas of the Upper Midwest.

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