NatureTalks webinar series

NatureTalks webinar series


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  • Poweshiek Skipperling; Photo by David Pavlik
    Poweshiek Skipperling; Recovery Tales of a Tiny Butterfly - Dec 10, 2020

    Even more threatened than the giant panda, the Poweshiek skipperling has only been observed in seven Canadian locations within the last five years, all of which are located in the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Tall Grass Prairie Natural Area in southeastern Manitoba. In the United States, populations only appear on a handful of sites in Michigan, and their status in Wisconsin is uncertain. Meet the conservation staff from the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Assiniboine Park Zoo and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service who lead the international recovery efforts of the Poweshiek skipperling, and discover how their collaboration is helping improve populations in North America.
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  • Celebrating special places: Freshwater Bay nature reserve
    Celebrating Special Places: Freshwater Bay Nature Reserve - Nov 4, 2020

    The Freshwater Bay Nature Reserve provides an important land buffer for nearby seabirds and is an incredible spot for birding, whale watching and hiking. Protecting land is just the first step; the long-term care of these special areas is a story of its own.
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  • Candid Canada: Tips for Capturing Nature on Camera
    Candid Canada: Tips for Capturing Nature on Camera - Oct 28, 2020

    It’s always exciting to see wildlife in its natural habitat, and it’s normal human behaviour to want to take a picture to commemorate the moment. But how do you know if you’re upsetting the natural habitat? How do you know if you’re disturbing the animal(s)? Our panel of photographers share a few tips and tricks on taking that perfect photo, while respecting the nature around you.
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  • Sandpiper, Johnsons Mills, NB. Photo by Mike Dembeck
    Shorebirds & Sangria - Sept 3, 2020

    Join the Tenth Annual Sandpiper and Sangria celebration online for the first time. Johnson’s Mills is a critical stop-over site for migrating shorebirds. Every summer, massive flocks of shorebirds journey through the Bay of Fundy from the Canadian Arctic before heading to South America. Johnson's Mills becomes the stage for one of nature's great spectacles, as its mudflats and beaches serve as a temporary stopover for flocks of shorebirds numbering up to a quarter of a million individual birds.
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  • Pause with Nature
    Pause with Nature - Jul 9, 2020

    Reduce stress and enhance your well-being with a dose of nature
    Many people are looking for a natural way to reduce stress and enhance their well-being. Nature Conservancy of Canada is partnering with like-minded community organizations to break down stigmas and barriers that people face when wanting to get outdoors. Be inspired and find out how spending time in nature is good for your health.
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  • Recovery and Resilience in the Grasslands
    Recovery and Resilience in the Grasslands - Jun 25, 2020

    Nature Conservancy of Canada x Calgary Zoo - Sage Grouse Project
    Complex problems require collaborative solutions. The reintroduction of the greater sage-grouse and their ongoing recovery in their home range in the southern grasslands of Alberta and Saskatchewan is an effort led by science and expertise, but it is fueled by passion and hope. Greater sage-grouse has been listed as endangered in Canada since 1998 and just a few years ago there were fewer than 50 of them left in Canada. Learn more about this partnership between NCC, the Calgary Zoo and Alberta Environment & Parks.
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  • NatureTalks webinar series
    Why Conservation Matters - Jun 11, 2020

    Learn why protecting nature in Canada is important not only for Canadians, but also critical for global conservation efforts.
    Canada has a unique conservation challenge. While our northern hinterlands still hold some of the planet’s last remaining wilderness, many areas in the south have been heavily impacted by human activities. This webinar explores the biodiversity of Canada, highlights why our efforts to protect wildlife and their habitats are critical for conservation at both a national and global scale, and shares how the protection and restoration of nature benefits everyone. 
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  • Red Crossbill. Photo by; Bob Lalonde, iNat
    Ours to Save, Ours to Lose - Jun 18, 2020

    Discovering species that are uniquely Canadian
    Over 300 species, subspecies and varieties of plants and animals are uniquely Canadian and found nowhere else on Earth. This webinar will share results from a recent study by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and NatureServe Canada identifying wildlife that can only be found in Canada.
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