Volunteer capturing data with a smartphone at a NCC BioBlitz event (Photo by Brent Calver)

Volunteer capturing data with a smartphone at a NCC BioBlitz event (Photo by Brent Calver)

Big Backyard BioBlitz

Be a part of a nation-wide citizen science event, because nature anywhere is important!

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July 29 to Aug 2, 2021


New to citizen science? It doesn’t take much. Grab your smartphone, tablet or camera, head outside to search for plants, animals and insects, snap a photo and share. From urban centres to remote campsites and anywhere in between, participate when you can, where you can, on your own or bring the whole family. Last year, this event contributed 20,000 species observations, and we know we can do more!

When you register for the event, you’ll receive instructions on how to submit your photos to this five-day collective effort, as well as gain access to activity packages and contest opportunities.

Your observations matter: The power of citizen science

Citizen science is just what it sounds like, community members like you contributing to science. Thanks to apps that allow you to upload detailed observations, we can all join forces with a global network of scientists and research managers to document the natural world. Bioblitz’s held around the world have led to the discovery and identification of many rare or endangered species and help organizations create conservation plans to protect these species. All you need is a camera to make meaningful contributions to science.

Please note: Participation in this event requires that you observe the social distancing directions of your provincial health authorities.


Please contact events@natureconservancy.ca

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Canada Life

Thank you, Canada Life! Their support over the last 13 years has helped double the size of the Conservation Volunteers program.

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