Kate Tucker (Photo courtesy Kate Tucker)

Kate Tucker (Photo courtesy Kate Tucker)

Kate Tucker

NCC: What is your position at NCC?

KT: I am the acting natural area manager for the Bow Region.

NCC: What is your area of work?

KT: I’m part of the conservation team and I work in the Bow region west of Calgary.

NCC: Why did you join the NCC team?

KT: I first volunteered with NCC back in 2009 for a weed pull event and I’ve tried to stay involved by participating in various events ever since then. I’ve always admired the goals and values at NCC as I too believe that conserving natural places and connecting Canadians with nature is incredibly important. The timing was never quite right for me to apply for a position while I was volunteering with NCC, but recently all the stars aligned and I became the acting natural area manager for the Bow region.

NCC: When did you start with NCC?

KT: I just started in January 2020.

NCC: What is your educational background?

KT: I have a bachelor of science degree in biology and psychology, a bachelor of education and a certificate in sustainability. 

NCC: What is your previous experience?

KT: I spent about four years working on the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) Project as a wildlife technologist. I have also worked as a wildlife biologist for an environmental consultant in Alberta, and more recently I was an environmental educator primarily focused on teaching students and teachers about climate change, energy and natural resources in Alberta.

NCC: What are your hobbies when you’re not working for NCC?

KT: I like to cross-country ski, hike and take my dog for walks. Occasionally I get out for some short back-country camping trips. My partner and I are restoring an old camper trailer that we’ve decided to name “Spike,” so we can often be found at garage sales hunting for cactus-themed bargains. I also go to a pottery class every week at a local studio.

NCC: Do you have a favourite species?

KT: It’s hard to choose just one, but I think I’d have to pick barred owl. I like them because they have a very interesting call, their eyes are really striking and they can be seen year-round.

NCC: Describe a typical day at work.

KT: At the moment I am still learning the ropes, but I have been working on monitoring reports and will soon be preparing for the upcoming field season.

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