Tony McCue (photo courtesy Tony McCue/NCC staff)

Tony McCue (photo courtesy Tony McCue/NCC staff)

Tony McCue

NCC: What is your position at NCC?

TM: I’m the natural area manager for Waterton.

NCC: What is your area of work? 

TM: My work takes me throughout the Castle-Crowsnest Watershed and part of the Southern Foothills, from Twin Butte to the area east of Bob Creek Wildland and up to Crowsnest Pass.

NCC: Why did you join the NCC team? 

TM: After a long work history in research with government agencies and non-profit organizations, I found a great opportunity to continue getting my boots dirty while making tangible conservation impacts on a regular basis.

NCC: When did you start with NCC?

TM: April 2017.

NCC: What is your educational background?

TM: I have a B.Sc. in wildlife ecology and an M.Sc. in biology.

NCC: What is your previous experience?

TM: If it wouldn’t overload the webpage I’d love to share it all. In short, my career has mostly been focused in carnivore, waterfowl and shorebird research and conservation. This has taken me over much of North America, from California to Newfoundland, British Columbia to North Carolina, and many places in between. Coastal beaches, prairies, forests, bogs, high alpine, you name it and I’ve probably worked in it.

NCC: What are your hobbies when you’re not working for NCC?

TM: Exploring new places has forever been my motivation, though now I do it mostly at the pace of a toddler. What a beautiful lens of discovery that is!

NCC: Do you have a favourite species?

TM: Since big, wild places are not species, it’s a long list, but anything I can eat or anything that might want to eat me covers a lot of them.

NCC: Describe a typical day at work.

TM: My job would be so much easier if I had an answer to that. Of course, the fulfillment comes from the fact that every day so far is different and with its own challenges and rewards. From interacting with people who love their land, to finding cool features in the landscape or encountering a species that has eluded me for a while, there is always something to look forward to.

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