Trevor Reid (Photo courtesy Trevor Reid)

Trevor Reid (Photo courtesy Trevor Reid)

Trevor Reid

NCC: What is your position at NCC?

TR: I am a GIS analyst and planner for the Nature Conservancy of Canada's (NCC's) Alberta Region.

NCC: What is your area of work?

TR: I am based in Nelson, BC in the Darkwoods office. Mostly, I use GIS technology for planning, science and conservation operations program support.

NCC: Why did you join the NCC team?

TR: I’ve had a passion for wild places from a young age and they continue to inspire me today. Working with NCC allows me to contribute to the protection of Canada’s natural diversity. I now have young kids of my own and it is critical to me that these places remain wild and continue to inspire future generations of Canadians.

NCC: When did you start with NCC?

TR: I started working here in the fall of 2010.

NCC: What is your educational background?

TR: I have a bachelors degree in geographic information systems from Selkirk College and a bachelors degree in geography from Lakehead University.

NCC: What is your previous experience?

TR: I have seven years of experience working with geographic information systems.

NCC: What are your hobbies, when you're not working for NCC?

TR: I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, fly fishing, climbing and anything else that gets me into the mountains to explore. I am also a certified CrossFit instructor and I am passionate about evolutionary health and fitness.

NCC: Do you have a favourite species?

TR: Is it a cop-out to say I love them all?

NCC: Describe a typical day at work

TR: The nature of my position allows me to connect with many NCC staff members on a wide array of projects. GIS has a role in almost all facets of our work. I work regularly on natural area conservation planning, presentation mapping products and managing NCC’s extensive collection of spatial data.

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