Pronghorn, LIC Grasslands Tour 2013, AB (photo by NCC)

Pronghorn, LIC Grasslands Tour 2013, AB (photo by NCC)

Leaders in Conservation

Grizzly bear (Photo by Erwin and Peggy Bauer/USFWS)

Grizzly bear (Photo by Erwin and Peggy Bauer/USFWS)

Join a special group of people dedicated to protecting Canada’s precious places

The Leaders in Conservation program provides unique opportunities and benefits to individuals who make an annual contribution of $1,000 or more in support of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC's) work. Their ongoing commitment provides the foundation of our work to preserve Canada’s great places. And since our Leaders provide undesignated gifts, we’re able to use these funds where they are needed most urgently.

Join NCC as a Leader in Conservation today and become an insider. As part of this community of like-minded people committed to conservation, you will have the opportunity to personally experience the spectacular landscapes and wildlife in your area.

How big is your backyard?

As Albertans, we are fortunate to have a magnificent backyard with many diverse, awe-inspiring landscapes. From the Rocky Mountains to the foothills, aspen parkland to the boreal forests, untouched grasslands to the mystifying badlands, we have a backyard worth saving. 

There is much more to a healthy ecosystem than just the "wow-factor" of a view. Alberta's natural habitats and the diverse plant and animals that rely on them need to be conserved for species to thrive for generations to come.

Alberta's landscapes and species are increasingly under threat from rapid development and population growth. Act now and join other Albertans who give generously to the conservation of our natural heritage and the protection of our beautiful, big backyard.

NCC's Leaders in Conservation members help conserve Alberta's species and spaces.

Double your backyard impact!

In 2006, Ian and Judy Griffin demonstrated their leadership and commitment with and incredible and worthy investment — a stock donation to establish the Ian and Judy Griffin Conservation Challenge Fund. For over a decade, this fund has matched the first $1,000 gift of every new donor who commits to an annual $1,000 gift or more to the Leaders in Conservation program.

Currently, the Conservation Challenge Fund, founded by Ian and Judy Griffin, is being supported by an anonymous donor. By joining the program today, the Challenge Fund will match your first $1,000 donation to NCC with an additional $1,000, allowing NCC to conserve even more of Alberta's backyard.

Benefits of becoming a Leader

  • Make a lasting difference in conservation.
  • Join like-minded individuals.
  • Enjoy exclusive property tours with experts in the field.
  • VIP invitations to events.
  • Recognized in our annual reports.
  • Exclusive Leaders Update — a quarterly inside scoop on what's new at NCC.

How have we helped?

Since 1962, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has been working to save Canada's most ecologically significant spaces. We are Canada's leading national land conservation organization. As a private, non-profit group that partners with corporate and individual landowners we protect important natural treasures, through property securement (donations, purchase or conservation easements) and long-term stewardship of our portfolio of properties.

How will your gift impact Alberta's backyard?

Leaders in Conservation are among our most important donors. Your annual gift will provide NCC with a reliable source of funding that allows us to continue our securement and stewardship programming in Alberta. It provides flexibility to close land deals with short fundraising timelines and to develop Natural Area Conservation Plans — operations that are critical to the long-term conservation of biodiversity and the protection of natural areas in Alberta.

Are you convinced?

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