Meyers property, Battle River, Alberta (Photo by NCC)

Meyers property, Battle River, Alberta (Photo by NCC)

Stay connected to nature in your home

Deck furniture (Photo from Pxhere)

Deck furniture (Photo from Pxhere)

Avoiding people doesn’t mean staying away from nature. To feel less down as we all practise social distancing, try to incorporate some natural therapy into your home life.

Here are some ways you can still enjoy the great outdoors from the safety and comfort of your own home.

House plants

If you’re working from home and starting to feel isolated, staring at your computer screen all day, move some house plants onto your desk. Surround yourself with greenery to give your brain a natural boost.

Get some fresh air

If you have a back yard, a front porch, a balcony or just a window that opens, getting some fresh air and sunshine will do you good. If you have a space to sit outside, you can even move your laptop outdoors if it’s warm enough to work in the sun.

House plants (Photo by Huy Pahn)

House plants (Photo by Huy Pahn)

Natural scents

Candles, sprays and essential oils come in many natural scents, like pine, rain and fresh-cut grass and can fill your space with fresh, natural smells. Some scents like lavender can calm and relax you, while citrus can boost your energy.


Are you missing the sounds of the great outdoors? Search for a premade nature-themed playlist on media streaming platforms like YouTube or Spotify or create your own using the same services. Some soundscapes include bird songs, gentle rain or thunderstorms.

Take a virtual hike

Explore a Nature Conservancy of Canada conservation site without leaving the safety of your home. Thanks to Google Trekker, a backpack-mounted 360-degree camera that uses the same technology as Google Street View, you can visit some of our properties across the country.

Why not use this opportunity to discover a great conservation site across the country? From the Darkwoods Conservation Area in BC to the Pugwash Estuary in Nova Scotia, there are some amazing landscapes you can explore from the comfort of your own home. (Bonus: perhaps you’ll be inspired to actually visit these properties in person some day too!)

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