Paula Noël's Nature Story - What we do is simple, and it is permanent.

Paula Noël's Nature Story

The Musquash Estuary Reserve feels like home to Paula, it reminds her of her childhood and the memories she made on Black Beach with her family. Protect the beaches you played on as a child, so other children can enjoy them in the future.

"What we do is simple, and it is permanent — we protect land by owning it and taking care of it. So we know these lands will continue to be healthy and provide homes for wildlife." - Paula Noël

Memories are forever, nature should be too.

You can ensure nature stories, forever.


John Risley's Nature Story

"We used to assume that we would always have wild places.” Nature needs you to make sure we enjoy wild places, always.

Allan Shaw's Nature Story

"This is about providing an experience for people, forever." Nature needs you to make sure forever happens.

Brian Tobin's Nature Story

Nature needs you to stay around for future generations. Like Brian Tobin, join the national effort of preservation and donate today.


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