Kumdis Estuary, Haida Gwaii

Kumdis Estuary, Haida Gwaii


The Nature Conservancy of Canada's team in BC is a diverse mix of experts in land securement, conservation biology, stewardship and restoration, as well as policy and program delivery including GIS, communications and development. With a offices in Victoria, Vancouver, Kaleden, Kamloops, Nelson and Invermere, the BC team has boots on the ground near across the province.

  • Sarein Basi-Primeau (Photo courtesy Sarein Basi-Primeau)
    Sarein Basi-Primeau

    Sarien is the West Coast stewardship coordinator for the BC region.

  • Sarah Bayliff (Photo by Brandon Williams)
    Sarah Bayliff

    Sarah Bayliff is the Central Interior stewardship coordinator for NCC in BC.

  • Katie Bell (Photo by NCC)
    Katie Bell

    Katie is the conservation information coordinator for the BC Region.

  • Alexa Class Freeman (Photo courtesy A. Class Freeman)
    Alexa Class Freeman

    Alexa Class Freeman is the development officer, major gifts for the BC Region.

  • Danielle Cross, Southern Interior stewardship coordinator (Photo by Danielle Cross/NCC staff)
    Danielle Cross

    Danielle is the Southern Interior stewardship coordinator for the BC Region.

  • Sarah da Silva, BC Regional Controller (Photo by NCC)
    Sarah da Silva

    Sarah is the BC Region's financial controller.

  • Elise Deborne (Image courtesy of Elise Deborne)
    Elise Deborne

    Elise Deborne is the development officer at the BC office.

  • Nick Gay (Photo by Jason Village)
    Nick Gay

    Nick is the executive assistant for the BC region.

  • Steven Godfrey, BC (Photo courtesy S. Godfrey/NCC staff)
    Steven Godfrey

    Steven is the director of the West Coast Program.

  • Jessica Houk - Finance Coordinator, BC
    Jessica Houk

    Jessica Houk is the finance coordinator for the BC Region.

  • Ginny Hudson (Photo by Heidi Schissel)
    Virginia (Ginny) Hudson

    Ginny is the manager of conservation planning and stewardship for the BC Region

  • Jon Kelly, BC Land Administration Manager (Photo by Cary Smith)
    Jon Kelly

    Jon Kelly is the BC Region's land administration manager.

  • Richard Klafki, director, Canadian Rockies Program
    Richard Klafki

    Richard Klafki is the director of the Canadian Rocky Mountains Program.

  • Adrian Leslie, Darkwoods project manager  (Photo by Adrienne Shaw)
    Adrian Leslie

    Adrian is the project manager for the West Kootenay.

  • Kate MacKenzie (Photo courtesy K. MacKenzie/NCC staff)
    Kate Mackenzie

    Kate Mackenzie is BC's stewardship coordinator for the Canadian Rockies program.

  • Cindy McCallum, GIS and conservation planning analyst (Photo by Boyd Fischer)
    Cindy McCallum

    Cindy is a GIS and conservation planning analyst for the BC Region.

  • Lesley Neilson, Communications Director (Photo by Emrys Miller)
    Lesley Marian Neilson

    Lesley Neilson is NCC's BC communications director.

  • Nancy Newhouse, regional vice-president, BC Region (Photo courtesy N. Newhouse)
    Nancy Newhouse

    Nancy Newhouse is the regional vice-president for NCC's BC Region.

  • Phaedra Otwey (Photo by Phaedra Otwey)
    Phaedra Otwey

    Phaedra Otwey is a West Coast stewardship coordinator for the BC region.

  • Hillary Page, director of conservation, BC Region (Photo by NCC)
    Hillary Page

    Hillary is NCC`s director of conservation in the BC Region

  • Barb Pryce, Southern Interior Program Director (Photo by NCC)
    Barb Pryce

    Barb is at the helm of our Southern Interior Program.

  • Trevor Reid (Photo courtesy T. Reid)
    Trevor Reid

    Trevor is the conservation impact analyst for the BC Region.

  • Krista Sheppard (Photo courtesy K. Sheppard)
    Krista Sheppard

    Krista Sheppard is NCC's director of development & communications in BC.

  • Hai Lin Wang (Image courtesy of Hai Lin Wang)
    Hai Lin Wang

    Hai Lin is the creative content coordinator for the BC region.

  • Ashley Webster on Sage and Sparrow (Photo by NCC)
    Ashley Webster

    Ashley is the grants and donor relations manager for the BC Region.

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