James Island Clean Up Crew, 2011 (Photo by NCC)

James Island Clean Up Crew, 2011 (Photo by NCC)


Our Conservation Volunteers program attracts many dedicated, energetic and fun people, who lend their time and talents to everything from planting trees and weeding out invasives, to banding birds and building trails, to helping out with mailings and filing and other useful office tasks.

  • Elk Valley Alliance start fixing the bridge (Photo by EVA)
    Elk River Alliance

    The Elk River Alliance helped rebuild a washed-out bridge on the Ancient Cottonwood Trail.

  • Weedy Wednesday volunteers (Photo by NCC)
    The Weedy Wednesday group

    A dedicated group of volunteers helps out at the Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve near Duncan almost every week.

  • Conservation Volunteers, Rick Hoar and the Snag Club (Photo courtesy Rick Hoar)
    Rick Hoar & the Snag Crew

    Rick Hoar, president of the Lake Windermere Rod and Gun Club, leads a helpful crew of volunteers known as the Snag Crew. Find out how they are helping care for NCC's lands in the Columbia Valley.

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